How it works

RISUG stands for Reversible Inhibition of Sperm Under Guidance, and it is a technology that may fill this void.

While the amount of research and innovation that have gone into developing RISUG is substantial, the way it works is simple: a compound is injected into the two tubes through which a man’s sperm flows before it leaves his body.

The procedure can be performed in under 15 minutes and without the use of a scalpel. Image courtesy of

This compound stays in the tube and chemically breaks apart each sperm cell as it passes by. The result is a normal ejaculation full of nonfunctional sperm.

Damaged sperm observed in Phase III trials

Damaged sperm observed in Phase III trials. Image courtesy of Science Direct.

What makes this procedure unique, however, is the R in RISUG: Reversible. The compound can be easily rinsed out by a second injection which reverses all contraceptive effects (Lohiya et al. 2010).

This means that you (or a male partner) could chose now to become sterile for several years, then have the procedure reversed at a moment’s notice and regain virility. Many college-age males find this option extremely attractive; the option to remain sexually active with yet another safeguard against unwanted pregnancy.

How many more people would choose a vasectomy if it was guaranteed safe and reversible?